Why am I Doing This?


Yes, why indeed.  Well I figure that, like me, there must be other SharePoint Foundation 2010 (SPF) developers out there that will be going through the same experiences I am.  Maybe one of them will stumble on this and find it useful.  If not, then it will still be useful for me at least in that I will need to more complete in my understanding of what I’m doing before I embarrass myself and decide to post something.

So my first bit of in depth SPF action will be branding our corporate intranet site.  I will blog about what trouble I have along the way and hopefully the solutions to those issues.  When I first started the branding project I found that while there was a lot of information on the interwebs out there about the subject, none of it was what I was really needing to get going.  It was like there was a speed bump in front of me and I felt confident that once I got over it I would be able to cruise right along.  We will see about that in the next several weeks.

I suppose I will blog about different aspects of the project including scheduling, design, programming, database issues, and whatever else shows up that I think might help out my doppelganger out there.  I am basically a one man operation when it comes to our intranet and wear a bunch of different hats.  This is at once exciting and allows great freedom/flexibility but I can also stretch my abilities to a thin level.  But still, it’s fun.

I’m a newbie at blogging and that is probably obvious.  I will hopefully learn how to be better in time.  In the meantime, here’s a picture of a puppy:

Happy Puppy