Something Missing?

The driving force for creating this blog was to jot down somewhere the experiences I had while working with SharePoint Foundation 2010 (SPF).  I mentioned in a previous post that while there is a lot of information on SPF out there, occasionally there seemed to be something missing. What that something was in my mind was a more step-by-step explanation of what was going on without the authors skipping over parts that they assumed everyone already knew about.  Most of the time I did know but sometimes I was stumped.  So I’m going to try and be more specific about what I do.The devil is in the details and I hope to help a developer out there with one of those missing details.

Here’s a picture of a table that looks like a lemon:

Table that looks like a lemon slice



An Impressive SharePoint Data View Web Part


I recently attended a SharePoint User Interface/User Experience (UI/UX) class.  One of the topics was the flexibility of data view web parts (WVWP).  I’m realizing that many of the SharePoint sites that I have seen out in the wild are using WVWPs to achieve the look that I’m interested in for our intranet site.  As an example, see and the “What’s New” and “Suggested Links” areas.  The look of these were done by using DVWPs (at least that’s what I’m lead to believe).

So I started poking around a little and ran across this posting of some DWVPs that were actually done in SharePoint Services 3!  It’s pretty neat:

Here’s a picture of a waterfall:




Why am I Doing This?


Yes, why indeed.  Well I figure that, like me, there must be other SharePoint Foundation 2010 (SPF) developers out there that will be going through the same experiences I am.  Maybe one of them will stumble on this and find it useful.  If not, then it will still be useful for me at least in that I will need to more complete in my understanding of what I’m doing before I embarrass myself and decide to post something.

So my first bit of in depth SPF action will be branding our corporate intranet site.  I will blog about what trouble I have along the way and hopefully the solutions to those issues.  When I first started the branding project I found that while there was a lot of information on the interwebs out there about the subject, none of it was what I was really needing to get going.  It was like there was a speed bump in front of me and I felt confident that once I got over it I would be able to cruise right along.  We will see about that in the next several weeks.

I suppose I will blog about different aspects of the project including scheduling, design, programming, database issues, and whatever else shows up that I think might help out my doppelganger out there.  I am basically a one man operation when it comes to our intranet and wear a bunch of different hats.  This is at once exciting and allows great freedom/flexibility but I can also stretch my abilities to a thin level.  But still, it’s fun.

I’m a newbie at blogging and that is probably obvious.  I will hopefully learn how to be better in time.  In the meantime, here’s a picture of a puppy:

Happy Puppy